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Andrew Arroyo

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Hosted Podcasts

Investors that follow Andrew’s investment methods subscribe to this weekly podcast. Real Cash Flow® is the only show that goes full circle with your money covering all major assets classes for your investments including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, crypto, insurance and real estate. Click on the icons to follow or download episodes on Amazon, Apple, iHeart, Samsung or Spotify.

If you are seeking inspiration, motivation, and spiritual growth to pursue God’s will for your life, tune into the Mission Finder podcast. Andrew and his special guests dive deep into God’s Word to discover what we should be doing here with our time on Earth according to biblical instructions. Click on the icons to follow or download episodes on Amazon, Apple, iHeart, Samsung or Spotify.

Attention real estate agents, brokers, property managers and loan officers! Get the inside scoop of what is happening in the real estate industry by subscribing to this show. Topics covered include residential, commercial, property management, businesses, Industry experts reveal their methods for long term success. Listen to top thought leaders in the industry on the latest trends, news and insights. Click on the icons to follow or download episodes on Amazon, Apple, iHeart, Samsung or Spotify.

Authored Books

Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks provides a guide for entrepreneurs globally to learn how to earn substantial incomes. This course teaches how to reclaim your time—life’s most valuable asset—through effective principles that deliver results. By following this method, you’ll be able to increase your income, accumulate wealth, and embrace generosity. Offered in multiple languages.

Mission Finder sets forth a step by step guide for truth seekers worldwide to come to an understanding of God’s will for their lives. Throughout the book, the reader is exposed to the disparity of God’s will and their own will. This fresh perspective will challenge your thoughts, beliefs, motives, behaviors, and quite possibly the theology you have been taught in the modern-day church about what you should be doing with your life here on earth. Available in 8 languages.

A fantasy novel co-authored with Nicholas James Darling. Caught in the aftermath of the fall of Lucifer, the first man God created peers beyond Eden’s paradise and discovers the kingdom of heaven and the cunning forces of hell at war.  Heaven holds its breath as a young Adam must survive the invasion of darkness and uncover man’s destiny.  Click Here To Learn More.

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Andrew speaks on a variety of topics including real estate, investments, culture, biblical principles and spiritual growth. Click on the Topics button to learn more about the format and subject matter. If you would like to request a speaking or teaching engagement, use the Connect button.

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