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“You were born to fulfill God’s will. When you seek God’s will for your life, you will discover your mission.”

-Excerpt from my book Mission Finder: Fulfill God’s Will For Your Life

Charity. Real Estate. Media.

The three primary industries I focus my time and attention.

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Mission Finder: Fulfill God’s Will For Your Life

Global Reach

Mr. Arroyo is available worldwide to speak and teach. Contact his booking agent, David Malme at 619-GIVE-777 for more information and availability.

Business Journey

Andrew Arroyo is an American businessman born on August 5th, 1977 in Washington D.C. as Andrew Michael Arroyo. His father is of Spanish decent. He is the founder of AARE Real Estate, AAI Media and Eye of a Needle Foundation. He is married to Megan Mazzola Arroyo and lives in La Jolla, CA.


Personal Journey

“Sincere faith in God is expressed by doing His will.”  

At an early age I discovered the emptiness of worldly wealth and started pursuing the path of righteousness by exploring God’s will for my life. I openly share my journey of how I discovered God’s will for my life through teaching, writing and public speaking in an effort to inspire others to explore one of life’s most important questions – What is God’s will for your life?


I participate in the oversight of the following companies…

Life Purpose Statement

To serve God.

My Mission:

To do God’s will.

My Vision:

To bear much fruit.

My Priority:

To develop God’s character.

My Core Values:

Faith, hope, love, generosity.